Marrakech is the most exciting city of Morocco

Marrakech is a captivating, historic, diverse and exciting destination in Morocco. Marrakech is located on the south-eastern coast of Africa on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Marrakech is the most exciting city of Morocco with a lot to offer to both local and foreign tourists. Marrakech has a long history and offers a glimpse into the history and lifestyle of Berber people, who are one of Morocco’s key ethnic groups. Travelers planning a long weekend or extended holiday in Morocco can make use of Marrakech day trips to Essaouira and the surrounding areas.

Marrakech day trips


Marrakech Day Trips will offer you an opportunity to visit places of Morocco which other tour operators may not offer. Whether you wish to trek on the Atlas Mountains in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains or to the top of Toubkal overlooking the vast desert sands; experience the spectacular sunset and sunrise over the sands of the Sahara Desert or exploration the rich cultural heritage and tradition of towns like Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes for a few hours. A Marrakech day trip can bring you to places you have never been before; and give you an opportunity to see, feel and explore what Morocco has to offer. Travelling by road, air or sea to Marrakech means you get to experience a different type of holiday unlike any other.


The capital of Morocco, Marrakech offers plenty of activities for travellers interested in seeing the cultural heritage, and there is certainly something for everyone. One such option is a 3-day trip to the marrakech oasis, the only camel safari you can enjoy in Morocco. You can start your journey at the Sheraton Marrakech, a luxurious desert camp located at the edge of the Kasbah Tamadot high in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Your guide will lead you through a colourful array of deserts, gorges, hot springs, water holes, waterfalls, gorges, plateaus and along the Kasbah Maayna, a sun-baked valley where you can stay for the night – a must for those who want to see the sights without feeling too hot or cold!


Sheraton’s Sheraton Marrakech Tour is a typical Moroccan excursion with Sheraton staff making all of the arrangements. It includes a guided Jeep safari from the Sheraton to Essaouira and then a shared day trip to the camel breeding and meat market at Guellala. The whole experience is beautifully coordinated by the Sheraton’s in-house Sheraton guide. This tour is very popular, both for sightseeing and business purposes, but is also well worth spending an extra day to experience the area around Essaouira. There are exciting excursions out to Toure and beyond that allow you to spend the day exploring the desert, whilst your Sheraton guides provide you with local information and take you on a drive along the ‘gold coast’.


As well as day trips to Essaouira, there are other exciting options for holiday makers who are interested in taking a little more of the country out. One popular option is to go on a camping safari. This is a unique opportunity to explore the true culture and environment of Morocco using only campers and barefoot guides. Many companies that specialise in night camping in Morocco will arrange a self-drive itinerary complete with meals, wine and tracks to follow along the many mountain trails.


Many companies will offer a variety of day trips and excursions that are designed to combine days of sightseeing with opportunities to explore the desert, experience living in a traditional Morocco village or participate in a caravan or Jeep safari. Alternatively, they can help create a more adventurous trip by offering a combined package that includes a luxury camp ground or town hotel, a planned camel ride and even an overnighted stay. In total, these packages provide the ideal opportunity for families to get away from the city and experience truly unique and unforgettable holiday experiences. Sheraton Morocco resorts are experts in luxury villa and town hotel services, with a combined programme of leisure, adventure and traditional Moroccan lifestyle tours.